A custom tool for “Better ” people strategies engagement and increased ROI.

FINAO is a system and technology platform for increasing, managing, and measuring, the level of actions and activities that enable people-growth for organization success. Our platform improves one’s ability to manage goals while reducing the administrative workload. Our system’s key is the facilitation of focus on the community-based learning and celebrating the incremental wins (building resilience), which yield better results than focusing on a finite outcome. FINAO focuses on being continually “Better” in one’s defined aspirations and learning from individual and collective experiences along the way. Our systems methodology facilitates a mindset and behavioral mode that’s positive, sustainable, and quantifiable at your bottom line.

Our content and engagement model informs, predicts, and inspires personal and professional growth - positively impacting bottom lines.
— Todd Oldridge, FINAO Managing Director

Opportunity for impact is the bottom line

Whether it’s work, education, fitness, or family, we have a program that enables a culture, community, and collaboration mode to create and share actions that deliver positive outcome behaviors. As a transformative system where the measurable activity is easily reportable, we deliver relevant and scalable results. We guarantee it.

Actions lead to “Better”, fueling personal growth and organization success. FINAO is your people culture tool for “Better”, because “Better” makes “best” possible… by your definitions of success in communications, collaborations, growth, and wellness.

Considering Abraham Maslow’s Theory And Your Objectives

Digital communication and social dynamics have blurred the lines that used to segment our lives, and have placed a magnifier on the human hierarchy of needs that Abraham Maslow theorized in 1943. The result is an exposure of “People-Needs” that are a part of a “systems thinking” culture. FINAO is designed to help organizations take a systems approach to embrace those needs to optimize people growth and success. This is good for individual or group objectives in business, fitness, health, or life. If your solutions aren’t rooted in the leveraging of what people are and what they need, you have the upside potential optimize all they have to offer. FINAO can help.

A system for “Better” people results & ROI

In Business

In Education

In preventative healthcare

The difference with FINAO is while others focus on outputs, FINAO focuses on activities and information that make the desired outputs possible to achieve
— Dr. Jim Bauman, FINAO Sr. Content Director